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Top 10 Tiny Homes You’ll Want To Live In

How about living in a much smaller, cozier, personal home? Some homes and lodges get really small. Here are the top 10 tiny homes you’ll want to live in.
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Be Amazed at these most amazing tiny homes you’ll want to own! Slim n’ Trim Homes – How narrow can a home be? According to one Japanese home, as thin as 1.8 meters. Drina River House – The Drina River House is a tiny home that’s perched on a tiny rock formation in the middle of the Drina river in Serbia. The Soul Box – Despite its ominous sounding name, the Soul Box or the Spirit Shelter is actually a cozy, tiny home developed in Germany. The Toronto Tiny House – This special home sits in a tiny space between two full-sized homes. Built in 1912 by contractor Arthur Weeden, its enjoyed quite a number of different renovations that’s allowed it to maintain its functionality to this day. This Tiny Finnish Cabin – A simpler, yet more sophisticated looking design is this cabin that’s smack dab in the middle of a Finnish forest.
The Bubble Lodge – If privacy is the least of your worries, then perhaps this transparent bubble lodge in Dournazac, Limousin, France is your tiny home of choice. The Cube Project – As far as minimalist designs go, the typical boxed design of the Cube Project is the simplest of the bunch so far. The Tiniest House in the World – In an effort to demonstrate the actual absurdities of tiny homes, Boston artist Jeff Smith redecorated a long mobile crate as a liveable micro estate. The Egg House – Haifei, a young 24-year old engineer in China was inspired to build a tiny home in the shape of an egg, after a concept project that shared a similar theme. The Tiniest London Estate – At 17.4 square meters, this tiny home in London may seem tame compared to what we’ve seen so far.


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