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Top 10 Famous Logos With Huge Mistakes You Don’t Notice

Some of the most famous logos have huge mistakes you probably didn’t notice. Keep watching to find out which mistakes exist in famous logos!
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Be Amazed at these Top 10 famous logos with huge mistakes! Wikipedia – Wikipedia’s logo is an ingenious one; an incomplete globe composed of puzzle pieces with different letters and characters on it, representing the idea of it being a “free encyclopaedia” and allowing users from all around the world to freely add or edit any of its contents. White House – As the official residence for the incumbent president of the United States, you would think that the accompanying logo would represent the iconic building accurately. London Olympics 2012 – Considered by many as the worst Olympic Games logo , the London Olympics 2012 logo has earned a lot of flak from people due to its numerous blunders. 7-Eleven – Having the iconic mix of the colours green, red, and orange in its logo, it’s easy to spot a 7-Eleven store even from afar.

WWE – WWE, short for World Wrestling Entertainment, has made only one significant change in its logo, and that is when they rebranded themselves from the ‘World Wrestling Federation’ or WWF. Monster – With a logo depicting massive claw marks from a presumably monstrous creature, you know that the Monster Company means business. Walt Disney – Donning playful swirls and a cutesy appearance, the Walt Disney logo has become somewhat an iconic logo for both children and children-at-heart. Nintendo Switch – Nintendo is mostly known for its innovative gaming consoles and lovable characters. Pepsi – Pepsi Company’s red, white, and blue globe is easily one of the most recognisable logos in the world. Google – Google is known for following simple yet effective approaches, which is evident by their many products.


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