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Top 10 Craziest Things Smuggled Through Airport Security

People have tried to smuggle loads of crazy things past airport security, but most of them get caught. Here are some of the craziest things that have been smuggled!
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Be Amazed at these 10 Airport Smuggling Stories That Will Shock You! Severed seal’s head – Ever walk into a biology lab that didn’t look like taxidermist’s heaven? me neither. Live Tropical Fish – Fashion designers get inspiration from all sorts of things. Graffiti. Mustaches. Parachutes. Literal garbage. Grenades – I thought airplane rule number one was pretty obvious: live weapons don’t go in carry-ons. Clearly some people missed the memo though. Live Tiger Cub & monkey – In case I didn’t make it clear earlier, here’s a piece of advice: don’t smuggle live stuff on planes. Cocaine Implants – Breast augmentations can help your chest go from flat to fab. They’re also great for promoting higher self-esteem.

Trouser Snakes – Living animal fashion is apparently pretty ‘groovy’ in the smuggling world. Let’s talk about two more cases. Human Remains – I’re not talking dead bodies here. As far as researchers can tell, only a single pair of women have ever tried to ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’ anybody onto a flight. Here are two instances where respecting the dead was the last thing on these traveler’s minds. Creepy Crawlies – Could there be anything worse than snakes on the plane? How about a bunch of tarantulas? That almost happened in the Netherlands on October of 2012. Eagle Owl Eggs – One kid could have ended up with the most bad-ass Easter basket EVER. In 2005, a Redwood City falconer managed to smuggle 15 Eurasian eagle owls from Austria to California after disguising them as Easter eggs. Gold in the Rectum – Kids like stuffing marbles up their nose.


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