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I AM CURRENTLY IN SEARCH FOR STRATEGIC PARTNERS ON IKNK IN THE LA AREA. if you think you can provide value to the company after you have watched this video. Email me! NOTICE : this business has absolutly nothing to do with the stock market or trading. So before you email me about your trading background i don’t care i’d actually prefer you have nothing to do with trading and have no interest in it. Im looking for creators, marketers, networkers, and hustlers. email me

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What is IKNK? Something I’ve been trying to figure out as well.. It stands for Iconic. But what does that mean? A lot of people have looked up to me as an Icon. But to me, I certainly didn’t feel that way and I wasn’t excited about where my life had gone. That’s why I’m starting this new company. I not only want to become an Icon. But I want to feel like an Icon, I want to be excited about what I’m doing and my future! I want to be fu*king amped! Because thats the only way life should be.. If it isn’t… CHANGE IT THE FU*K UP. So thats what I’m doing.. Changing it the eff up. Welcome to

In the game of social media and digital marketing. It’s easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of posting things that don’t feel authentic. Or something that really doesn’t portray who you are or who you want to be all for the sake of money, IG fame, or masking insecurities. In the long run it’s not going to work.. You’re going to lack purpose.. And that’s what we as humans need most to feel good about ourselves and the lives we lead. The goal at is to find your purpose… and thrive..

Welcome to my new show… The Profile… This is going to be the best and most fun part about this job and business. I will be traveling all over the world interviewing Iconic Entrepreneurs, Creators, and Influencers to find out how they have become icons in their own way. Find out what that means to them and provide a platform for them to tell their story and give all of us feedback and advice on how we can strive to be better in our own lives… CAN’T wait to film more episodes! We have already shot one in South Africa and New York dropping soon and more to come!

I’ve been struggling with something I suppose you could call Identity crisis for a long time and it’s always made my life somewhat difficult. I have always been classified as a day trader for the last 13 years and I have been teaching people how to make money in the stock market for the last 10. But I have also been a very successful entrepreneur.. In the beginning I built all my own websites, all my own graphic design for 6 years, I even had all my competitors ask me to build their websites after they saw mine. I’ve been videographer, video editor, photographer, youtuber and was asked to the host of a travel show for playboy. I’ve also been a digital marketer and learned how to build an online business capable of making 6 figures/month. It’s hard to classify what I am.. Cuz I honestly don’t know I’m a lot of things.. probably too many and that’s why I have felt lost. But I also think it’s important to try as many things as possible in your lifetime. At the message is this.. Find what you love.. and do fu*king that!

The state of a 9-5 job is out.. The state of getting your education in a University setting is out.. and it’s only getting further way from the traditional methods as we go forward. I realized this early on and dropped out of college my senior year to start MY OWN ONLINE COLLEGE you could say for learning how to trade the stock market. This was 11 years ago mind you. I have never had a traditional job. I have been free to work from wherever I wanted for the last 11 years and on my own schedule because I chose to carve my own path. Professors can provide value but mostly regurgitate information. In this day and age you can actually learn from your favorite experts at a fraction of the cost online and this is where the education system is going. With that said, IKNK will have its own education system as well. Everything I have learned about running a successful business online over the last 13 years I will be sharing with all of you in multiple courses..


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