miysis 3D Tesla Fan Animation ( Tesla Solar Roof )

Hi Elon, and the Tesla team,

We are huge fans of your work and for a long time we wanted to create fanwork showcasing Tesla products that we find amazing!

We are part of an independent belgian 3D studio and are celebrating our 10th anniversary, for this occasion, five of us will be visiting San Francisco and Los Angeles this summer (From July 28th to August 4th).

Despite a very busy period we decided to dedicate some of our free time to create this animation. If you like it, maybe there is a chance to visit the Tesla or Space X facilities during our trip?

If there is any way to make this happen, you can find more details about us and our travel dates following: www.visiting-tesla.com

If it is possible, that would be so great… If not, we will keep on loving you ; )


Denis & Stan
Miysis Team


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