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Diy Tesla Powerwall ep62 kWh Load Test Failed Attempt

Just a failed attempt…Sorta!!! It did however show 11kwh on the multi function meter. So its not a complete fail. I just didnt get the results on the 120v side so its a partial fail. Had some recording issues( I blame the User). I can only speculate what it actually was. I will re attempt when I can be there the entire time. I also found some more fuses broken. I show a fix for that issue as well.

Link To Peters Video with the Fuse Fix

This is my version of the Tesla Powerwall. Ill start with 10kw at 48v (100p14s) and will add more packs as time goes on to increase the capacity. I plan to store everything in a Short Server Cabinet and It will be a Power Rack!!! Subscribe and follow my build!!!

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